About Atama Furniture

Atama Furniture is one of Australia's leading specialists in providing aged care furniture, hospitality furniture and commercial furniture to offices, hotels and healthcare markets. Founded in 1987, we have been providing healthcare facilities and businesses with top quality furniture for nearly 30 years now.

Unprecedented growth and increasing demand motivated us to expand our product range over the years. Today, we are a comprehensive supplier of quality furniture to the following industries:

Healthcare, Hospitality, Aged Care, Education

Improve Your Health and Comfort with Our Aged-Care and Healthcare Furniture

For nearly 30 years, Atama has continuously developed innovative furniture that is specifically designed for their target markets and add value to all facilities. When it comes to aged care furniture and healthcare furniture, we know that there are a number of problems that ordinary furniture cannot solve. These issues include posture, access and functionality to name just a few.

To solve these issues, Atama Furniture has created a wide range of healthcare and aged care furniture to address the needs of seniors, disabled and injured individuals. With our range of healthcare furniture, our main goal is to provide superior comfort, greater functionality and more value for money.

If you're interested in knowing more on how our healthcare and aged care furniture can improve your health and life, please feel free to check out our range of products, or just give us a call if you're uncertain about your needs. We'll be happy to help.

Atama Furniture: A Perfect Blend of Style, Comfort and Quality

We take time to know the exact needs of our clients. And we understand that most people do not have enough time to understand the intricacies of their furniture. So, whether you're looking to buy healthcare furniture, aged care furniture or hotel furniture, we always strive to make your shopping experience with us as convenient and rewarding as possible.

From electric recliner chairs to adjustable height chairs, all our furniture pieces are skilfully crafted with style and functionality in mind. Designed to meet the needs of businesses, hotels, seniors, disabled and individuals with behavioural and learning difficulties, our durable and aesthetic healthcare furniture always represent the class and quality for which we are well known for in NSW.

Atama NSW offers the most comprehensive selection of products that are sure to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any facility looking to stand out in its respective industry.

No other company in NSW combines functionality, style and ergonomics like we do. For more information on our products, contact us at (02) 9608 3135 or leave us a message on our contact us page.

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